Wendy Thomas: On Health Scares and the Power of a Positive Mindset

Be inspired by this next episode of The Midlife Reinvention, where we learn about Wendy Thomas, and her courageous story of surviving an early stage breast cancer diagnosis, and the power of a positive mindset.  Her authentic and eloquent words and advice should make us all pause and reflect on what is really important in our lives. 

 Wendy is the Founder of Wendy Thomas Coaching which helps individuals and teams excel in work and life by learning to harness the power of mindset. An early stage breast cancer  diagnosis gave Wendy the courage and perspective to follow her long-time entrepreneurial  dream of establishing her own coaching company. 

Prior to launching Wendy Thomas Coaching, Wendy spent 18 years in financial services working  at Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and FactSet. Most recently, Wendy led FactSet Canada in  developing effective strategies for growth, talent acquisition, team building, and operational  effectiveness. 

As a coach, Wendy not only helps clients cultivate the tools to define and achieve far-reaching  goals, but also teaches the imperative skill of seeing life’s inevitable challenges as opportunities  to excel rather than setbacks.  

You can find Wendy here:

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. With adversity comes opportunity
  2. Have a positive mindset and think about goals and where you want to be as opposed to letting fear and anxiety rule your life 
  3. If you don’t believe in yourself and have goals its going to be really hard to get to where you want to go. Focus on the future and really tap into your imagination
  4. Think what are your strengths, what is under the hood of your car, what do you envision for yourself?
  5. Everyone has their own secret sauce. Everyone is unique . It’s the uniqueness of every individual that makes the world go around. 
  6. Who’s driving your bus? Are you driving your bus or are you letting other people drive your bus?
  7. Take stock of what you have, what you’re grateful for and understand what you’re good at. Give yourself moments to pause. 
  8. If we don’t give something a try now its never going to happen because we really only have one chance to live life. 
  9. When you’re living on the edge, and  doing things you’re not completely comfortable with, that is a massive sign of growth. When you’ve done it a couple of times, it becomes a lot easier.
  10. When you’re positive, you start to notice the positive impact you have with people around you.

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