The Meaning of Power

The word Power has many negative connotations. Some people believe that Power is only available to those who hold high positions within organizations or society, like CEOs or Presidents. These people feel they have earned their Power and position, due to their traditional paths of schooling, or jobs with higher and higher levels of responsibility, culminating in that “promotion” to senior VP, CEO, CFO, etc.


Generally as well, and this is well documented, women have to struggle more or work harder to obtain these positions of Power in our society, albeit this is slowly changing in a positive direction in our society.

The Power I am referring to here, however, is not this external Power that so many people crave. That type of Power is limiting and transient and can lead to success or failure. That type of Power requires external approval and recognition and is largely driven by the ego. The Power I am referring to is the internal Power each one of us has within us. This internal Power is ego-less, is ever-present, and only requires us to be able to tap into its source. Each of us has the Power within us to change whatever circumstances do not serve us well anymore, and to move to a more positive frequency.

As Deepak Chopra (DeepakChopra.com) so wonderfully expresses it, “external Power belongs to the chosen few, but self Power is available to all, and is limitless, effortless, and natural.” He goes on to say that, “personal Power is open to everyone, once you understand the real nature and purpose of Power. In every life the real purpose of Power should be Fulfillment.”


Deepak Chopra and other spiritual masters such as Eckhart Tolle (Eckhart Tolle | Official Site – Spiritual Teachings and Tools For Personal Growth and Happiness) believe that true Power resides in our own consciousness. In my quest to understand my real Power, I realized that true Power is not an external force which is limited, but an internal force within me. My problem is, how do I tap into this internal Power? Chopra suggests that pure consciousness is the answer – it holds infinite possibilities for creating a life of inner fulfillment. But how does one actually tap into their pure consciousness? Ancient scholars and spiritual masters through the centuries have debated this endlessly, and the answer often resides in “being at one with yourself”, “living in the moment” as well as practices such as meditation and yoga.

These practices seem difficult to many because how can we tap into consciousness when we have so many practical considerations in life – work, kids, mortgages, money, health issues, and the list goes on? The fact is, we must make time for mindfulness. We must schedule it in our days just like we schedule all our daily commitments. I also find it helpful to think of consciousness as an energy field. We all operate at different energy frequencies, and by tapping into this, we become more connected to the other frequencies around us, which makes us more Powerful. I do this by trying to calm my mind through:

  1. meditation
  2. yoga
  3. mindfulness through living in the present
  4. living with gratitude.

My purpose here is to share with you some of the methods I have learned from different resources to tap into that inner Power that we all have. Visit the resource link below and connect with us to share tools you have used to discover your inner Power. Stay tuned also for experts in their fields who will help you to uncover your true inner superpowers, both online, and in person!


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