Tara Baldwin: On the Body/Mind Connection and Listening to Our Intuition

This week’s episode is with the wonderful Tara Baldwin. You will truly be able to  feel her positive energy and her ability to listen intuitively to what her body and mind are telling her. Her teachings on especially somatic embodiment – or actually listening to your body and feeling what it says – versus intellectual thought alone –  are very powerful!

Tara is a master certified life coach and owner and CEO of Believe Life Coaching. Her approach uses a combination of neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience, psychology, and somatic embodiment for true long term change. She has worked for and trained alongside industry icons for over 15 years & served as a top coach under Tony Robbins, studied neuroscience and meditations effect on healing under Dr. Joe Dispenza, worked under Brian Tracy, and studied under Cloe Madanes.

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. The somatic toolset is to really to listen to your body and embody the intellectual information it gives you. You’re not just thinking it – you are feeling it.
  2. By slowing down we are able to listen to those whispers and actually hear your body. Use your body as a tool to unblock or let go of things that are in the way of your goals in a way that rewires the nervous system. 
  3. If we listen to our intuitive body and how it wants to move vs our memorized brain on how its supposed to be, over time the stuck stuff keeps releasing and there is more space.
  4. When visualizing, be in your body and feel as if you are there or the person you want to be. Feel and see it – use your visual, audio and kinesthetic systems. 
  5. If we could return home to ourselves first and learn to trust ourself then we can learn to trust the world and others so much better.
  6. A lot of people don’t know the perfect version of what they want yet so they don’t start. What is that first aligned step you can take – then out in the arena it will unfold.
  7. Whenever there is a moment that you don’t know – just listen to your intuition and your intuition will give you the most aligned information in the present moment. Every moment can be new when we slow down enough to really listen. In that we can shift everything over time.

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