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In this 21-day meditation, I was able to learn many of the concepts I quoted above from Deepak Chopra, which allowed me to visualize what I really want in life. It is a program with guided meditations which can help you realize that the Power within you is the most important type of Power to realize.

In this life changing book, Tolle describes that to be in touch with the inherent Power of presence is ultimately the Power of Now. The Power of Now is the presence, and the presence is You. Ultimately, then, You are the Now. You are connected to the intrinsic Power of the Universe or the one consciousness. Everybody is a temporary expression of that inherent Power, and the goal is to discover that Power in You. Sense your presence – the presence of you – not the person but something deeper. That is consciousness. Then you no longer need the narrative to tell you who you are. Free yourself of that conceptual sense of self. These concepts at first are difficult to grasp, but if read with deep intention and reflection, they can be life altering.

I read Tara Mohr’s book “Playing Big” about 3 years ago and it changed my thinking about how I was playing in the world. Mohr opened my eyes to the fact that I was settling in my career and that, indeed, I had the power within myself to do more. I took the above course and it provided valuable tools and lessons for me to “get out of my own way”, to become more internally powerful, and to plant the seeds for Power, Purpose, Play.

In her book and course, Tara goes through concepts such as:

  1. What are your “core nutrients” – what is necessary for you to experience joy, fulfillment, vitality? What is the difference between “values” and “core nutrients”?
  2. Quieting your Inner Critic – what to do, moment to moment, when self doubt shows up
  3. Your Inner Mentor – visualizing “you” in 10-15-20 years. This made me realize that the best mentors are not external. Those mentors can be transient and insincere. The best mentor is a future version of yourself that you envision and aspire to.
  4. Getting wise about Fear – the difference between Pachad – the fear of projected or imagined things or possible future outcomes (inner critic) vs. Yirah – when we are doing what we are passionate about it is a feeling of awe, reverence, excitement, exhilaration, expansiveness (inner mentor)
  5. Unhooking from Praise and Criticism – to me this section was about detaching yourself from the outcome of your actions.
  6. Callings – are you a traditional expert, a cross-trainer, a survivor, or simply “called”?
  7. Hiding and Leaping strategies. I learned that Leaping into things + unhooking from praise and criticism leads to Power.
  8. Power of negotiation and difficult conversations
  9. Communicating with Power (using words like “just”, “actually”, “sorry”, “I’m no expert, but” …

This is a very practical and relevant guide to personal empowerment. Chapter 3 in particular, from “Pain to Power” resonated with me, because Jeffers talks about the power within the self, which she defines as, “power over your perceptions of the world, power over how you react to situations in your life, power to do what is necessary for your own self-growth, power to create joy and satisfaction in your life, power to act, and power to love”. Moreover, she explains that this type of power leaves you free, since you don’t expect the rest of the world to fill you up. Especially for women she goes on go say, “A self assured woman who is in control of her life draws like a magnet. She is so filled with positive energy that people want to be around her. Yet it is only when she has become powerful within herself that she can become authentic and loving to those around her. The truth is that love and power go together. With power, one can really begin to open the heart. With no power, love is distorted.” A great read for those of us who are looking to move past our internal fears and to gain more internal Power.

I believe one of the most important ways to tap into your own internal Power is through Visioning. When we envision our life to be how we truly want it to be with deep intention, I believe there is no choice but for life to manifest itself just as we envision it. That’s not to say by just “dreaming” we can manifest what we want. It takes hard work and pure intention, and the pure belief within us that we are capable of doing anything, and that makes us Powerful.

I completed the above course from Mind Valley (if you haven’t visited Mind Valley, you’re in for a treat!) (https://www.mindvalley.com/?utm_source=google) It is a wonderful approach to creating a Vision for yourself in 12 areas of your life: 1) Health & Fitness; 2) Intellectual; 3) Emotional; 4) Character; 5) Spiritual; 6) Love Relationship; 7) Parenting; 8) Social Life; 9) Financial; 10) Career; 11) Quality of Life; 12) Life Vision

The Power of Visioning is incredible. As Oprah Winfrey stated, “when I look at my future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes.”

I truly believe that the daily routines we all establish for ourselves give us the Power to succeed in anything we set our minds to. This book by Robin Sharma explains how the early hours of the morning can help you bring clarity and focus to your life. With some specific guidance on how to do this, I find that following Sharma’s recommendations are truly empowering.


  1. Don’t keep your day job by Cathy Heller.

One source of inspiration and practical guidance came from this podcast I started listening to several years ago.The title intrigued me at first, because I was thinking of quitting my day job! But as I listened on and took her subsequent course, it gave me practical tips to tap into that inner purpose, and how to manifest it into the world. Heller rightly points out that, “God does not make extras”, and that we each have a unique ability or talent that we are required to share in this world. Heller goes through the following exercises which really helped me, and may help you:

What do you want to do?

    1. List 3 things you are good at or love to do
    2. Ask 3 people what you are good at or what they come to advice for you on
    3. Do any of these answers overlap?
    4. Based on these ideas, start ideating what you can offer the world
    5. How do you overcome imposter syndrome?

Who do you serve?

    1. Write down your ideal customer avatar
    2. Understand the intersection between a) the thing you love to do, b) the thing you’re really good at, and c) the thing the world wants
    3. Create an empathy empire – who are you serving and what do they really want?

What is your message?

    1. Tell your story – why are you doing this, and why would it matter to anyone?
    2. What is your brand?
    3. What values do you or your business stand for?

In order to fulfill our purpose, we need roadmaps or guides to help us along the way. This is one such guide I came across by Vishen

Lakhiani, who discusses that to begin to understand your Purpose/s in life, it is important to self-assess where you are in different areas in your life, and what areas you feel you need improvement in. Some areas include, fitness, emotions, values, spiritual practices, relationships, abundance mindset, quality of life.

He talks about a concept taken from Michael Beckwith https://michaelbeckwith.com/ regarding how people undergo change or transformation. One way is through Kensho – or change emerging from pain (a dramatic incident, for example) and the other is Satori – change emerging from insight. Satori is the type of change which will allow a person deep personal growth. If a person lives in the present moment, lives every day with gratitude, reflects and meditates on their current situation and envisions the future – Satori change will naturally occur.

I believe one way to really understand your Purpose is to look at your life story and learn lessons from it. Each of us has a story to tell, and if we look at our lives, it gives us clues as to what we are truly meant to do. Eason tells us that by being able to tell our story effectively, we can begin to understand what our Purpose is, and that can help others learn from you.

He suggests exercises like
1) writing down the 10 “coolest things” about you
2) writing down your “defining moment” – those moments can often be pivotal and lead to internal and external changes in your life.

By reflecting on our stories, we can begin to see patterns emerge which can help us understand what our true purpose is, and how we can help others along the way.


Through our events and retreats we will be exploring topics of PLAY that resonate with all of us and make our lives more meaningful, such as: (Please contribute by adding your ideas to this list!)

  • Fitness and longevity training (see Ben Greenfeld’s Longevity Blueprint, for example https://www.mindvalley.com/longevity/?utm_source=google)
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Art and Music therapy
  • Healing power of Food and Cooking
  • Your personal environment and how that can be healing
  • Nutrition and aging
  • Sex and relationships
  • Wine tasting and fine dining
  • The power of Adventure
  • The power of social gatherings
  • How to give back to charities we believe in
  • Menopause and how to deal with hormonal and other changes
  • Travel and adventure
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Interior Design and Color
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • Creative Writing
  • Reading
  • Song and Dance
  • Art and Art History
  • Ayurvedic medicine and energy healing
  • Biohacking

The list is endless, and our hope is you add your own meaning of PLAY to this list so we can all learn from it…


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Harness your inner POWER, discover your true PURPOSE, while enjoying a life of PLAY.