Power Purpose Play

Power Purpose Play was created to help women realize that we all have unique talents and strengths that we need to offer the world, regardless of our age or circumstance. Often, however, we don’t recognize these strengths or “superpowers”, or we don’t act upon them because we feel like we are not good enough, or we have the fear of failure.


As women especially, we are often stuck in certain areas of life – whether that be a job, family, relationships, health issues – where we develop a mindset of settling. This limits us from discovering what truly makes us happy, and what we were meant to contribute to the world.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to feel stuck. You don’t have to stay at that job, in that relationship, in your current unhealthy state if you don’t want to. The first step is realization. Realization that there are so many possibilities out there for you if your mind is open to them.


How do we help you? We host regular online Expert Insights from professionals who can help you get unstuck. We highlight inspiring stories of women who have already gone through their personal growth journey. We connect you with relevant online and local resources to help you practically navigate this process of growth. We will be running future live events and retreats as soon as we are able to, due to our current health crisis.

The power of community is only as strong as your engagement. So share with us what your dreams are; tell us how we can help.

You have the Power Within You to find out what truly makes you happy, to reinvent yourself, and act upon what you were meant to contribute to this world.

I can’t wait to begin this process of discovery together!

Yours in Power, Purpose, and Play