Our Founder

I’m so pleased you are here. Especially now, in this time of great uncertainty in the World, I believe we need the power of Community even more. I hope Power Purpose Play will help you look within yourself and make you stronger, in order to face the outer challenges around you.


My name is Kavita Ahuja, and my story is not one of tragedy or loss, or hardship or struggle. Instead, it is about growth and “reinventing” myself after the age of 50. I didn’t know I was lost until very recently, and, as I speak to more and more women, I realize I am not alone.

I am a 53-year-old South Asian woman born in Kenya, and raised in Canada, fortunate to have an amazing support system of incredible family and friends. I have an advanced science and business education, and enjoyed a stellar 20+ year career in the Pharmaceutical industry, winning multiple National awards for my achievements. From the outside it seemed like I had it all, and in fact, I absolutely did!

Things began to change for me, however, around the time I turned 50, as my two boys grew older and moved away, and my husband’s busy career led him around the world. I began robotically doing my job, because I wasn’t challenged anymore. I gained over 20 pounds and had no energy or drive anymore. I was playing small, and not being true to my real purpose and talents. I felt like there was no other option, or that I didn’t have what it took in me to do anything else. I was ignoring signals from the universe telling me there was another path for me out there.


Too often we ignore these signals. If people were to pay more attention to signs around us, our world would be such a different place! At this point I realized that either I could remain in this state of unhappy settling for the rest of my life, or I could choose to reinvent myself. So, I went on a journey of self-discovery. Of meditation, of physical fitness, of yoga and spirituality and listening to inspirational leaders. I took courses on self development and coaching, and started pursuing my love of writing. I networked with women in the same stage of life as me and realized how much we all have in common, regardless of our stories. I began to realize then that my exterior roles – as mother, wife, daughter, sister, employee – did not define me. I concluded with a heavy heart then, that the career I had been in for over 20 years was not truly my passion. It served me well, but did not inspire me to be the best that I could be. So, I left my career that I was immersed in for my whole adult life to pursue a dream of bringing people together in life’s journey.

I created Power Purpose Play. This is my reinvention, and it is my sincere wish to build a strong community of women who are looking to grow and learn from each other. I will share what I have learned with you, and connect you with experts in their respective fields. If you resonate with my story – please share your own! Attend our weekly online Expert Insights and our future live events and retreats; seek out the resources listed. We will get through this difficult time in history by learning from each other. There is no limit to our potential! Pursue your passions, enjoy your life, and welcome your growth. It doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. It only means you have to gain what has always been inside of you.


Yours in Power, Purpose and Play