On Paying it Forward, with Carline Bengtsson

Enjoy this next podcast episode with Carline Bengstton and her beautiful story of paying it forward. What passions do you have which may be buried? Is it time to bring them out now? 

Carline retired from corporate life following careers within the insurance, military avionics and medical technology industries.  

Carline immigrated to Minnesota from Jamaica as a child and grew up to marry a native Swede which sealed her affinity for the culture, language, country, and the American Swedish Institute (ASI) community at large. In addition to all things Swedish, Carline is a published cookbook author and an engaged community leader serving on several boards. 

She is described by her family and friends as a chef of enticing, inventive and delicious eats and recently formed the organization Dine4Dinners® to further pursue her two passions of helping others and creating memorable meals. The Dine4Dinners® mission is a shared vision with organizations that provide meals for those in need of daily nourishment through dependable, reliable and sustainable sources. 

You can find Carline here:



Here are her key takeaways:

1) We tend to ignore those lightbulb moments or moments in time where there is a gnawing feeling within you – it’s important to recognize and acknowledge those moments. 

2) Where you choose to work also represents your innermost desires and how you see the world.  

3) Provide your time, talent and treasure to that which you love. The second half of your  life can be all about giving back, leaving the legacy of contributing to the greater cause. 

4)  The passions we had as a child can become buried but its important to recognize and bring them forward now 

5) Take a step back and really ask yourself, what is it I’m good at? What comes effortlessly and gives you joy?

6) Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas because those around you may be willing to elevate your cause 

7) We can put walls up and obstacles for ourselves which are self-inflicted. They are either imagined or real. We literally need to figure out how to get out of that quicksand and feel capable of moving forward.  

8) Share your ideas and don’t be afraid because if you keep it in, you may not move forward.  

9) When you’re enjoying a meal – why not think about others who may not have that option like you do – wondering where their next meal is going to come from.  

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