On How To Have a 2023 Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, with Kavita Ahuja

Join Kavita as she welcomes you to a New Year of possibilities, her first podcast of the year, and the 3rd season of The Midlife Reinvention podcast! She discusses why she is doing this, and it is simply: To help you realize the greatness of who you really are, at this moment. 

 Does the work you are doing right now make you happy? What we do everyday is so important. We spend most of our days doing some kind of work – shouldn’t this work align with who you are, your values, your passions, and make you happy? Kavita wants this for you, and her goal this year is to help you find happiness in the work you do. Whether that is in your job, starting your own business, volunteering for something you are passionate about, retiring, pursuing a buried passion. Does what you are doing right now make you happy? Is there something missing that you want to change about it? What is it? Why aren’t you doing something about it? 

 Her goal this year is to help you cut through all the noise and to help you figure out who you really are, what you really want, and how to get there. Through her Coaching Program, It’s My Time Now!, this podcast, her upcoming workshops, talks, her new book and her writings, Kavita will help you limit the obstacles in your way, and gain the confidence to take your next steps this year.  Reach out to her at: kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com for a free consultation. 

This New Year is a beautiful opportunity to start with a clean slate and self reflect on WHO you are now, and who you want to BE by the end of 2023. Download this wonderful Self-Reflection Guide to help you get started!

 Here are Kavita’s key takeaways on how you can have a 2023 beyond your wildest dreams :

1)   Try to get rid of the excess “baggage” in your life. Ask yourself – what do I really need to be happy?

2)   Discover what really matters to you. Are you putting your attention to those things, rather than adding layers of confusion and noise around you?

3)   Can you be internally happy where you are, in this moment? Do you really need to have extra things or go to other places to be happy? 

4)   Think of all the abundance in your life right now. Do not focus on the lack, but the wonderful feeling of abundance, and more abundance will flow to you.

5)   Relax and enjoy the moment – and do those things and surround yourself with those people – who make you happy.

If you are transitioning into something new – whether that is a new job, starting a new business, working on new and improved health or relationships – simplicity is the key to success. 

Remember this:

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was never there before.

Reach out to Kavita at kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com to discuss your vision for yourself for this new year!

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