On Holistic Nutrition as We Age, with Glenda Britton

Enjoy this podcast episode with Glenda Britton. Her passion for holistic nutrition as fueled by her own lived experience, is a lesson for us all to think about our own lifestyle and nutrition and how we can improve our energy, health and life if we follow some simple strategies. 

After years of being unwell, multiple diagnoses and medications, along with buckets of supplements, the doctors said,  “There’s  nothing more that can be done”. She had no choice – out of sheer desperation, she turned to nutrition… Initially having no idea what to do – she spent HOURS every day in the kitchen – lucky for her it worked!

She returned to school to learn the science behind how food could help her get better when nothing else could. Now, Glenda happily states that she’s healthier now than she was 20 years ago.

You can find Glenda here:

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Even though there are nutrients, foods, supplements and lifestyle strategies for symptoms, unless you go upstream to the actual cause or imbalance, you just won’t make any gains.
  2. We are at a place in history where we have come so far away from our natural food sources that we need people like nutritionists. Nutritionists wouldn’t have been a thing 100 years ago because we were eating organic foods in soil that was robust and full of nutrients.
  3. The microbiome is a series of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses which is everywhere through our bodies and is a big indicator of our health. Most of our microbiome is in our gut. Even the bad ones have some good properties.
  4. The problem is not the gluten, the problem is the gut. The problem is the health of the gut.
  5. The Superager concept is both cognitive and physical. In our 60s to 80s we can function 20 or more years younger than what is expected in that age range. 
  6. We know that depression is an inflamed brain and that the gut and brain are connected. Is a direct connection. If we are working on inflammation in gut – can help with brain health. It’s holistic.
  7. A lot of people are having health crises sooner and are turning to healthy, holistic lifestyles as a result. 
  8.  By supporting smaller farms, we are protecting our planet and lowering our carbon blueprint.

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