Michela Di Carlo: On Crunchy Tales, Pasta & Prosecco!

Enjoy this next episode of The Midlife Reinvention podcast with Michela di Carlo! Michela’s zest for life is infectious and we can learn so much from her carefree and beautiful outlook on life. I’d encourage you all to read Crunchy Tales – as she is on a mission to reset the meaning of middle age, one story at a time. Her words and humor remind us that life is too short not to enjoy it! 

Michela di Carlo is a former feature writer for the most influential Italian National newspaper La Repubblica, with an MA in Communication Studies from the University of Rome, Michela has been nominated twice for the International Journalism Festival Award and have been in charge of several digital editorial projects, including international marketing campaigns. As a Late Bloomers’ Advocate and founder of the digital lifestyle magazine CrunchyTales.com, dedicated to discerning and sassy women over 40, she is on a mission to reset the meaning of middle age, focusing her work on inspirational content to empower women feeling stuck in the second act of their life.

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. There is an aura of frumpiness around middle age and the only way to challenge the stereotype is to change the narrative. We (as middle aged women) are much more than golf tournaments, apple pies and cashmere cardigans! 
  2. You always have obstacles in your journey if you are on a mission to improve yourself.
  3. The only thing I know for sure is that until you’re ready for change you won’t change. We need to accept ourselves with all our imperfections
  4. Maybe elsewhere your talents and skills will be appreciated, even if they are not in your immediate environment.  What we see as failures may seem different in other areas of the world.
  5. Midlife is a time of Renaissance, not a time of winding down. Midlife can be a colorful journey!
  6.  We should look at constantly improving ourselves not because of Covid, but despite of it. Self love is for life, not just for lockdown
  7. The minute you start to love yourself, everything changes. We sometimes neglect ourselves for too long
  8.  A table for one! Why not? Enjoy your own company!
  9. I believe pasta, prosecco and pizza are the Italian answer to Botox! The best way to grow older is to enjoy life!
  10. We need to celebrate our successes with a good ice cream and prosecco!

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