Liz Solar: On Embarking on Your Life’s Creative Journey

Enjoy my conversation with Liz Solar, as I’m sure it will provide you with some motivation to embark on your own creative journey moving forward. Her mission is to share stories to promote understanding, empathy and a little more conversation – which is so needed in the world right now!

Liz Solar is a Boston-based voice actor who can be heard on commercials, interactive apps, audio books, and corporate narrations for regional and global brands. She has produced and participated in storytelling events, and produces and hosts the Embark podcast. Liz coaches reluctant speakers to communicate with more confidence, power and grace. Her signature talks include “No is Not a Four-Letter Word”. A founder and contributor to the writer’s blog Acts of Revision, Liz is completing her first novel.

You can find Liz here: Solar

Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. So many things are out of our control, but those that our in our control we should at least attempt to do – it may not be a success, but that’s also a part of the process. 
  2. So many of the stories we tell ourselves originate from birth or old stories. They are stories about someone else’s ideas of what we could be or should be. There is less time to waste when we are in midlife. It becomes more important to define who we are.
  3. We have many drafts and chapters in our lives that we are always updating. Listening to negative stories about ourselves will silo us to the point where we feel we can really only do one thing, which is totally not true. 
  4. We need a tribe who tell us that “you’ve got this – your success is our success” – because if you’re doing it we know that there is a possibility for us
  5. Many women do not know how to ask – we minimize our ask when people actually want to share their expertise. The ask is a really important thing. 
  6. There is nothing that will push you as much as adversity. Either its going to kill you or its going to reinvent you.
  7. We often find ourselves saying yes to things that we don’t have time for or even care about. We need to learn to be really direct in the way we say no.
  8. Ideas have a way of being contagious – people can have the same idea without knowing it – whoever brings it forth early on that becomes the idea that gets followed .

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