Lisa Mattam: On Beauty, Values & Diversity

On this episode of the Midlife Reinvention, Kavita has a far-reaching discussion with Lisa Mattam on topics relevant to many of us as we contemplate our next steps. How can we incorporate our values into our vocation? Lisa is a great example of this. 

Named by Profit Magazine as one of the Top Ten Emerging Women Entrepreneurs in Canada and recognized by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce as Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Lisa Mattam is the Founder of Sahajan Skincare, an evidence-based natural skincare line based on the Ancient Science of Ayurveda. With Sahajan, Lisa brings together her  background from her first venture and her knowledge from over 15 years working and consulting to the pharmaceutical industry to create a skincare collection that since its launch has been featured in Vogue Paris, the Oprah Magazine and Forbes and is distributed in Canada and the US. Lisa was the only Canadian to be selected for Sephora’s Inaugural Beauty Accelerator. 

Lisa can be found here:

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Here are her Key Takeaway’s:

  1. Our pivotal moments can be sudden, or they can build up, to a point when we finally say, “it’s time now – for me to move forward”. Pay attention to these moments.  
  2. To find the courage to go after what you want a) listen to what your gut tells you b) avoid people who discourage your new direction c) build a community of people around you who can support you and with whom you can be honest and transparent with. 
  3. For anyone who’s thinking of trying something new, it’s difficult to do it by yourself.  Find your village, and seek out resources – whether they be books, podcasts, or other resources that will support your growth. 
  4. To overcome the feeling that “I’m not enough” – be “Choiceful” – you have the capacity to do it, and it’s all within your range. It’s not whether you are enough, it’s whether it aligns with who you want to be. 
  5. There has never been a better time for authenticity and transparency and standing up for your values. Now is the opportunity to look inwards and discover those changing values. 
  6. Ayurveda is taking “yoga off the mat” – taking mindfulness and consciousness and bringing it to the way you live. Ayurveda says we should take care of our beauty because our bodies are our houses of our soul. It’s the science of life.
  7.  We are in an incredible time when people are more open to and listening to issues such as women and diversity. Those of us who are feeling marginalized, we also have a responsibility to reach forward and say “I want to be there” . 
  8. Those in positions of power have a responsibility to create an environment where we ask how do we create a fair and equitable environment
  9. It behooves us to go after our potential despite cultural or other forces where we ask ourselves “what will people think”?
  10. Just because it makes us scared doesn’t mean its not worth doing” – it may mean that its aligned with what we should be doing.  

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