Kavita Ahuja: On Turning 55!

In this 26th solo episode of The Midlife Reinvention podcast, Kavita Ahuja, founder of Power Purpose Play https://itsmytimenowcoaching.com/ muses on what it means to her to turn 55 years of age. Society puts so many labels on each of us and how we should behave or what we should be doing at different stages of our lives. Kavita wants to turn those stereotypes on their head and take the word “crisis” out of midlife!

Instead, midlife is a time for renewal and rediscovery, and a time when we should be looking within us for the answers to those big questions, like, who am I, and what do I really want? More importantly, what is stopping me from getting there?

Kavita’s life’s work is to help women in midlife find the answers to these questions.   At the age of 52, Kavita left an extremely successful corporate pharmaceutical career of almost 25 years, took control of her health, reignited her marriage, and found her next true calling. This is to help women find the Power within them to rediscover their Purpose, and reinvent themselves, regardless of their age or circumstance. She rediscovered herself after the age of 50, and she believes you can too. Her mission is to help you do just that. 

“My vision is to give you a glimpse of yourself beyond anything you can imagine. I want you to experience more happiness, more hope for your future, more excitement for your next journey, more confidence in yourself, and a greater understanding of your true purpose and power in this next chapter of your life.”

She wants you to realize that It’s Your Time Now – to take the time out for yourself and rediscover what has always been inside of you, and to celebrate YOU.  If you are interested in the learning more about our comprehensive course, “It’s My Time Now: How to Rediscover Yourself in Midlife” https://learn.itsmytimenowcoaching.com/  contact her at kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com to be placed on the waiting list. It is an 8 week transformational journey led by Kavita and will be launched in the Fall, and is a culmination of all of Kavita’s learnings and based on her own reinvention .  If you are interested in personal one-on-one coaching with Kavita, contact her for a free initial consultation. Join our growing community and our private Facebook group.

 We are here to serve you – tell us what you want to learn more about, and how we can be of service to you, as you face the challenges and opportunities of midlife!