Kavita Ahuja: On Rediscovering Yourself in Midlife

Kavita Ahuja, founder of Power Purpose Play, celebrates the 20th episode of The Midlife Reinvention Podcast! As she contemplates the incredible experience it has been, she stresses the fact that Midlife is NOT a crisis – it is an opportunity for each of us to step into our individual greatness and rediscover who we are and bring that out into the world. 

Kavita discusses what she terms, “The Pyramid of Reinvention” which consists of 6 steps: 1) Rediscovering Yourself – your inventory (skills, talents),  your passions, your values, culminating in the discovery of your Reason for Being; 2) Visioning Yourself – your inner mentor, which is you in the future – how do you see her, with deep clarity? 3) Facing Your Obstacles – whether those be outer or inner blocks, we all have them and there are techniques to quieten them in our minds to release positive energy; 4) Building Your Confidence – with the words we say, the thoughts we think, and the actions we take – if you don’t have the confidence, it will be difficult to execute on a plan for yourself. 5) Charting a Plan of Action with specific and measurable goals; and finally 6) Monitoring Your Progress – how will you be accountable for your plan?

She wants you to realize that It’s Your Time Now – to take the time out for yourself and rediscover what has always been inside of you, and to celebrate YOU.  If you are interested in the Pyramid of Reinvention  and want further information, contact her at kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com – you can sign up for our upcoming  6 week transformational course here: https://learn.itsmytimenowcoaching.com/  – this will be launched in the Fall, and is a culmination of all of Kavita’s learnings and based on her own reinvention .  Join our growing community at https://itsmytimenowcoaching.com/contact-us/  and our private Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/345142570007158

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