How to Create Lasting and Meaningful Relationships with Others

Throughout my life, I have a strong and natural ability to connect with people, to stay connected, and to be energized by these connections. I realize now that I’ve been successful in my career and my personal relationships because of this ability. To me, this comes naturally. I realize, though, that this may not be the case for many people.

Here are some ways I have done this and continue to do this successfully. I am blessed with many good friends, some of whom I’ve retained since childhood. How do I do this?

  1. Always be in the present moment when talking to another person. Treat that person, and really believe, as if they are the only person in the room, or for that matter the world. Look into their eyes. And listen. Really listen.
  2. Ask questions. Not just for the sake of asking questions, but questions you really want answers for. If you are really interested in the person in front of you- isn’t it important to really understand what is important to them? I’m amazed by how many people do not take the time to really get to know you. It is the easiest way to gain trust and really connect meaningfully with another.
  3. Don’t judge. When we label and judge, we put preconceived notions on what we think that person may say or how that person may react in a situation. It is very difficult to do this, as society has conditioned us to judge. Try and find the true essence of the person without labels.
  4. Do little kind things for that person. Say thank you. Tell them you love them. When you invite them to your home, be generous. Treat them like God has entered your home, and shower them with kindness.
  5. If a relationship has outgrown itself, let it go. You can’t be friends with everyone, and you shouldn’t. As we grow older, we have limited time to share. Spend time with people who help you grow and whose company you enjoy and whose values you resonate with.
  6. Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh. Have fun. Dance in the sun. Tell jokes, make fun of yourself. Life is too short for seriousness.
  7. Learn from each other and try to become a better version of you everyday. The world depends upon it.

I hope this helps. I love to see people laughing, learning and happy in an environment of connection. I’d love to create that- this is my wish and I hope that wish becomes a reality.

With love and connection,


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