each step we take

I was thinking today how each step we take, like each stone in the road, at first seems uneven and rough. We are unsure as to how it will fit together to make the road we can travel on. It seems so daunting, really, if we think about how many stones we need to add. How long will it be? What will be at the end of the road? Will it take me anywhere?

We travel through life building different roads. One could be our family road – adding to the foundation our parents provided us and building it forward for ourselves and our children. We build roads for our education and careers and those roads can twist and wind into so many different paths. Our roads of love can be solid or broken, but we are always trying to piece them together to be lasting and strong.

Whatever we are doing now, I believe that if we do it with true intention and joy, it adds to the path we can travel on. We may not know how exactly it will look, or if the road will even lead us anywhere, but we have to believe in ourselves enough to know it will. The stone we are working on today may be uneven and rough, but we can chisel it down to fit our path. The stone may actually not fit, or may be the wrong shape or color – and those ones we shouldn’t be afraid of discarding.

I am excited to be laying down a new path, and am discovering that every new stone I place on my path has endless possibilities. I hope that the new road I build will allow many people to travel on it, so they may find new and treasured places of their own.