Dr. Nicole Cutts: On the Heroine’s Journey

Follow the Heroine’s Journey as explained by Dr. Nicole Cutts! In this fascinating and informative episode, Dr. Cutts reveals her insights into the heroine’s quest,  and topics like innate creativity and cultural competence which are so relevant for us today. She is a wealth of information, and we can all learn how to navigate challenges in our lives through her teachings .

Dr. Nicole Cutts is a Keynote Speaker, Author and TV and Radio Commentator. She is also a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Executive Coach, Success Coach and an Organizational Consultant and Trainer. As a former  executive producer and host of a radio show in Washington, DC, Dr. Cutts inspires and empowers people to achieve a more balanced and successful lifestyle,  now as a master facilitator and success coach. 

In addition, Dr. Cutts is the Founder of Vision Quest Retreats through which she helps women to clarify and achieve their Vision of Success and brings women together on the heroine’s quest for support and inspiration.

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Here are her main takeaways:

  1. Be aware of your blocks, unpack them and make a decision – are you willing to let this thing stop you from getting what you want? Everything we want is on the other side of fear.
  2. The heroine’s journey is a model for life. Each heroine has to figure out what they need to do to disarm their threshold guardian. You might need to run right at it, you might need to fight it, you might need to befriend it, or understand it
  3. In real life there is no final conflict. We can go on this journey many times. And when you win, whatever the prize is – you  return with the elixer. Bring back what you have gained to your people or community as the heroine. 
  4. You can’t be balanced or healthy if you’re neglecting your body. It’s the vehicle by which everything you do comes from. You have to take care of it – its not an optional thing. 
  5. To tap into your innate creativity use 1) surroundings – change them for inspiration; 2) broadening – our horizons through travel, learning different things; 3) challenging – engage in things that stretch you and 4) capturing – holding on to the creative ideas.
  6. When you are learning something new you are burning more energy. We are wired to be lazy because our tendency is to conserve energy. We need certainty to feel secure, and when you experience uncertainty it reads in your brain as a threat.
  7. The more ingredients you have in your kitchen cabinet the more possibility you have to create different dishes
  8.  Being culturally involves:1) awareness- of your own identity and what that means for you;  2) knowledge – of other people’s backgrounds; and  3) skills – how do we get along or adopt our skills based on our awareness and knowledge
  9. If there is something in your heart that you want to do just do it. What gives you life or what makes you happy – do that. 

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