Dena K. Martines: On Numerology, Astrology and the GenXWoman

Be inspired by the words and wisdom of Dena K. Martines, as we discuss all things numerology, astrology and the GenXWoman! Dena’s passion for life and helping others find their purpose is unique, as are her views on how we are  just getting started in our 50’s. As Dena describes, its about setting life goals not retirement goals at midlife. It’s not about winding down – you’re just getting started!

 Dena K. Martines is an ex-corporate executive turned Entrepreneur and Career Strategist. Her mission is to raise the happiness quotient in Corporate America from the “bottom-up”.  Her practice blends her extensive knowledge of astrology and numerology with proven business methods and tools to help professional women discover their life purpose and make it their dream job. She’s also the co-founder of GenXWoman, a media and marketing company with a mission to highlight the accomplishments of the women of Generation X while working closely with brands on how to reach and speak to the Gen X woman the way she deserves to be spoken to.

You can find Dena here: and

Here are her main takeaways:

  1. You are at a crossroads where you can decide to continue on that road  or make a change to a more fulfilling life.
  2. We think external validations are a milestone for  happiness, joy or fulfillment – but they are really not
  3. Courage is like building a six pack – it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to build that one muscle at a time. 
  4. We have so many thoughts and fears that don’t make any sense and are irrational when we decide to leave a comfort zone, and yet we listen to them anyway.
  5.  Skydiving is a representation of letting go and surrendering – letting go of control. Sometimes we just need to let go of control, surrender and trust. 
  6. Fear is not something to conquer. Fear is something to work with. Because its part of you. 
  7. The soul starts to take over at 35 and that’s why some people’s values start changing. The spirit starts taking over at 49. There are changing happening in people’s lives as a result of these milestone years. 
  8. GenXWoman – we’re just getting started and numerology validates that. Its about setting life goals not retirement goals 
  9. Truly live your highest potential. Truly live the greatest expression of who you are. Because we came here to live we did not come here to do.

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