Cynthia Hastings-James: On Having Faith in Yourself & Jumping in With Both Feet

I was so motivated by Cynthia’s story as I’m sure you will be too.  Who wouldn’t be? Going from living on the streets as a teenager to running some of the largest healthcare organizations in Canada, Cynthia is the epitome of having faith in yourself that you can, indeed, figure it out. The fact that she is looking to now rediscover herself after such an incredible career is a testament to how we can all continually evolve, and grow. 

 Cynthia Hastings-James’s passion lies in creative problem solving to optimize population well-being. Throughout her career, she’s held various senior roles in digital development for high-profile banking and healthcare clients. Her entrepreneurial ventures include starting, the leading provider of pharmacist education online and BestLifeRewarded Innovations, the leading health behaviour change platform which was recently acquired by People Corporation.

You can find Cynthia here:

Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. Have faith in yourself that you will figure it out. You might start off with imposter syndrome – like I’m not qualified enough to do this.  You’ll navigate, you’ll ask the right people. Find your tribe of people you know will have your back and want you to be successful.
  2. The biggest barrier is basically your own fear! If you can just push through it. You will see growth on the other side by addressing those fears and jumping in with both feet and doing things that make you uncomfortable. Growth always comes from being scared.
  3. Our perceptions of others is just that.  People with big titles and roles are no smarter than the rest of us, maybe they just know how to navigate the system better than others. We all bring our unique talents and abilities to the table.  
  4. They call it the great “She-cession” now where during the pandemic women have gone back 20 years. We have a long way to go to reach equality in the workforce. There needs to be a fundamental change at ground level. Everyone should have an equal chance to prove themselves. There shouldn’t be a one up because your white or this age or from that background. We need to move to giving everyone a level playing field.
  5. We are seeing really scary mental health issues since the pandemic along with mass resignations. By using Self-determination theory – we can let people make a choice on what will help them in their wellness. 
  6. Reinventing yourself or rediscovering yourself in midlife is exciting.  Finding your purpose and your power. It’s a different kind of power now. For sure its It’s bittersweet but its 90% sweet and 10% bitter!
  7. Just believe in yourself. It’s not easy but try something. Take a little risk and put yourself out there. Make yourself uncomfortable and you can surprise yourself about what you can actually do if you get over that immediate fear.

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