Brianne Ligori: On How We Can Live a Life of Purpose & Joy TODAY

Enjoy this next episode of the Midlife Reinvention Podcast, where we receive practical tips and advice from Brianne Ligori –  that we indeed can live a life of purpose and joy TODAY.  Living life for each and every moment is the key to happiness.

Brianne Ligori lives and leads from the heart. She believes that everybody can—and should—live a life of purpose and joy. In her writing and coaching, Brianne is laser-focused on a worldview of infinite possibilities and a relentless pursuit of purpose. She sets an inspiring example by standing firmly for living according to her inner truth. Choosing joy, Brianne bravely set aside her dazzling corporate career to follow her bliss—sharing purpose-driven choices with the world.

You can find Brianne here:
Facebook: Brianne Ligori

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Pay attention to those opportunities that are right in front of you, and to  key people in your life who show up as teachers to really challenge you. 
  2. When you are feeling flow in your work, it’s a sign you are in your place of purpose.
  3. When thinking about entrepreneurship remember 1) Planning is key – especially when it comes to finances, 2) You can’t do it all – seek help when needed, and 3) shift from a mindset of an employee to a mindset of a founder.
  4. Shift from a TGIF mentality to finding it today. Use the formula: purpose + people + pace / power of choice.
  5. We have the choice to create the life that we love – it’s in our control – we are not victims of circumstances around our happiness in our days.
  6.  Detach from knowing exactly what we have to be doing today, and allow each breadcrumb to guide us on our path and trust that each opportunity will unfold as we start to follow the trail that is all around us.
  7. Quieten the noise because we can’t get the answers if our brain is so loud and busy. There is no space for the answers to come through.
  8. Surround yourselves with people that are going to lift you up, support you towards your joy and goal. Ultimately it is your choice who you surround yourselves with. 
  9. Follow the Pull – follow what you feel pulled towards. If you feel that fire in your belly about something, usually that’s a sign that you need to move towards it. You need to follow that path – or at least explore that path.

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