Anissa Buckley: On Becoming Untethered

Enjoy today’s episode on Becoming Untethered with the wonderful Anissa Buckley. As she says, becoming untethered means letting go of societal expectations, previous expectations of yourself, and letting yourself be who you are today. We are at a unique stage in life because Midlife and the changes it brings affects every part of you: Your Body, Your Mind and Your Soul. Take the time to nurture each leg of the stool, my friend, and your life will be balanced.

 Anissa has gone from Fortune 500 marketer to successful entrepreneur to global endurance adventurer, always using her passion for optimal wellness as a guide. In 2014, at age 46, Buckley had a personal transformation as several events occurred within 8 months: Both parents died, her 12-year marriage dissolved and she sold her 2nd business. The situation forced Buckley to reevaluate her goals, which she found is a common event for many in midlife. She spent the next 4 years traveling the globe, training for endurance events and transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle. The culmination of her research is b-untethered, a science-based midlife women’s wellness and adventure business. It is dedicated to helping women maximize their midlife through a science-based, personalized food, fitness, and frame of mind app and program.

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. To develop the courage to do the thing you really want to do 1) Have a vision for what you want your life to be 2) Immerse yourself around other people who aspire to the same types of things   3) Set small baby goals to help move you  forward to the goal 4) Having a coach is very key – somebody that you can be accountable to and who can keep you on track and pick you up 
  2. Untethering means un-attaching yourself from what society says a 50 year old women should be and what she should be doing 
  3. In 1908 the average life expectancy of a woman was 52 which is the average age of menopause. Only recently have some dollars been allocated to research on post menopausal women.  Science has shown us that when sex hormones are depleted, we can create substitute reactions by the lifestyle choices we make. 
  4. 80% of women over 55 have one of 6 chronic conditions – cancer, diabetes, COPD, heart disease, asthma, arthritis. It starts in menopause, so making simple tweaks to your lifestyle is so important so  we don’t suffer from these conditions.
  5. Its not just bodies that change; values, priorities and relationships shift too. It is inevitable that your whole being goes through a transformation. There is a freedom that comes,  and the chance to write the book that is still unwritten in your life.
  6. What brings you joy? Are you spending enough time doing this? What is the most outrageous thing you could accomplish in the next 5 years?

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